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No Bleaching!

safe for consumption

We sell chemical free birdnest from Batam.

Chemical Free Birdnest provides birdnests that are safe for consumption even for pregnant mothers. We do not use any bleaching agent to clean our birdnests, we pick high quality bird nests with minimum feathers. We then manually pluck the feathers by hand. Only clean filtered water is used to clean the bird nests. We want to provide safe and chemical free birdnest to our customers and we make it affordable by cutting away middle layer distributors and connect with our customers directly. We do not have any special packaging or branding to keep the cost low. We just want to make eating birdnests, safe and affordable for all.

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Price: SGD$ 1800

Weight: 500 grams

Self collection at any East side MRT Stations in Singapore

or doorsteps delivery at the addition of SGD $20.

Cash on delivery only.